About The Big Eye Studio & Rod Hoffmann

Rod Hoffmann

Rod Hoffmann, owner of The Big Eye Studio, has been creating toys since he could tear the wheels off his Tonka trucks to make his own custom vehicles. More than 45 years later Rod has mastered the craft of toy design and production by honing his skills on projects for Disney, Marvel, DC, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, and countless toy companies. During the fast paced 80's he served as VP Creative for Classic Games in Atlanta, a $180 million sports trading card company.

Today, he lives and works from his small horse ranch north of Tulsa Oklahoma. Like his artist heroes, Rod finds the slower pace and being immersed in nature more conducive to his creativity.

The Big Eye Studio

The Big Eye Studio specializes in toy design, development, packaging, branding and manufacturing. Of course that's the industry explanation of what we do. The simple explanation is... we bring ideas to life! And we've been doing it for more than 20 years. From his studio in Tulsa, Rod designs and directs a full time staff of sculptors, artists and production facilities in the US, Hong Kong, and China.

From toy design and packaging to manufacturing and consulting we do it all... on time and within budget.

Partial Client List

Carbonation Toys
Parris Manufacturing
Big Country Toys
RPS Revolution
Open Top Bus Company
Sensation Products
Fusion Toys
Family Communications
Marvel Comics
DC Comics